Acrylate Models

  • Acrylatmodelle
  • Materials

    ·    White Resin: methacrylate, white, suitable for
         display objects, for unsterile surgery planning
    ·    High Temp: methacrylate, transparent,
         steam sterilizable, suitable to take it into the
         sterile operating area

  • Maximum Model Dimensions
    ·    140x140x170 mm
  • Advantages:

    ·    detailed visualization of bony structures
         possible (model layer thickness 25 - 100 mm)
    ·    excellent machinability for realistic
         surgery planning
    ·    sterilization of the model possible  
         (with appropriate material selection)
    ·    rapid availability, model production within
         2-3 working days
    ·    lower costs
  • Basis:

    ·    CT-data (uncompressed image
         data, not raw data)
    ·    storage in DICOM format
    ·    transmission via the internet by
         secured internet access or on CD-ROM

Skull Model

  • 02.3 Hartgewebemodelle 2
  • Applications

    ·    planning surgeries
    ·    training
    ·    education
    ·    research and development
    ·    demonstration objects
    ·    production
  • Advantages over stereolithography:

    ·    highly detailed
    ·    available within 2-3 days
    ·    variable structures
    ·    coloured design
    ·    reduces costs
  • Basis:

    ·    unpacked CT/MRT data
    ·    saved on CD-ROM or
         transmission via the internet
    ·    1-2 mm axial layers

                                                                                                                                                                       For further information please download our product sheet
                                                                                                                                                                       for skull models.                                                                                                                                         

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  • product sheet skull models
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Postcranial Model

  • postcraniales Modell
  • Fields of application:

    ·    planning surgeries
    ·    training
    ·    education
    ·    research and development
    ·    demonstration objects
    ·    production
  • Advantages over stereo lithography

    ·    very detailed structure
    ·    production within 2-3 days
    ·    variable structure
    ·    colored design
    ·    lower cost
  • Basis

    ·    unpacked CT/MRT data in DICOM-format
    ·    saved on CD-ROM or transmission via
         the internet

    ·    1-2 mm axial layers


Neuronavigation Model

  • Navigationsmodell
  • Training Model for Neuronavigation and Trepanation

    The cranial neuronavigation has become firmly established as a standard application in neurosurgery hospitals. The new training model permits a simulation of the operation under real conditions and is suitable for practice and training.
  • Advantages:

    ·    model head is developed using original CCT-data
    ·    the model head is equipped with navigation
         reference markers
    ·    different fixing possibilities
    ·    model head can be turned in all directions
    ·    practice under near real conditions the model head
         can be reused

For further information please download our product sheet for the neuronavigation model.
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  • product sheet neuronavigation model
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Petrous Bone Model


Petrous Bone Model for Preparation

  • Felsenbeinmodell
  • Before starting the training in microsurgery of the middle ear the complex anatomy of the petrous bone makes a extensive training necessary. In cooperation between the department of oto-laryngology, head and neck surgery of the University of Jena and the 3di company an 3-dimensional artificial petrous bone model was developed. The anatomical structures are coloured, good to identify and can therefore be teached intensively.
  • Fields of application

      ·    education for medical specialists
      ·    courses of instruction / training
      ·    visual aids
      ·    courses for Petrous Bone Models
For further information please download our product sheet for the petrous bone model for preparation.
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  • product sheet petrous bone model
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Mounting device for Petrous Bone Model


  • Felsenbeinhalterung
  • This mounting device is the ideal completion and will make your exercises on the Petrous Bone Model easier.

    ·    simulation of the surgery in a natural position
    ·    the model does not have to be affixed in other ways
    ·    the model can not shift
    ·    the hands can easily be placed
    ·    the mounting device can be used in several times

Petrous Bone Models for Illustration


  • petrous bone model for illustration
  • Fields of application

    ·    illustration of the position of the internal
         structures of the petrous bone
    ·    education for medical specialists and
         courses of instruction / training
    ·    visual aid for courses for petrous bone
         models (mastoidectomy)

For further information please download our product sheet for the petrous bone model for illustration.
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  • product sheet petrous bone model for illustration (321 KB)

Paranasal Sinus Model

  • Nasennebenhöhlenmodell
  • Characteristics:

    ·    illustration of the bone structures of the paranasal
         sinus system (for example: ethmoidal cells, maxillary
         caves, frontal sinus, sphenoidal sinus)

    ·    reproduction of soft tissue (for example: skin, dura,
         nervus opticus, aorta carotis interna, aorta ethmoidalis
         anterior/ posterior)

    ·    representation of special disease pictures and coloured
         accentuations are possible

    ·    the model consists of a mineralogical powder material
  • Fields of application

    ·    education for medical specialists
    ·    courses of instruction / training
    ·    visualisation
For further information please download our product sheet for the paranasal sinus model.
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  • product sheet paranasal sinus model
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Osteotomy Model


  • Osteotomiemodell
  • In cooperation with the department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Jena University Hospital and the company 3di GmbH a training model was developed for surgery of the bony bridge of nose.
  • Characteristics:

    ·    the osteotomy model represents an artificial
         replication of the bony nasal bridge
    ·    the bony part of the model is covered with
         a removable silicon layer to perform the
         simulation of the operation as realistic
         as possible
  • Applications:

    ·    vestibulum edge incision, tunnelling and
         identification of the aperture
    ·    touching the aperture edges
    ·    intercartilaginous incision, tunnelling of the
         nasal bridge
    ·    touching the bony nasal bridge
    ·    bilateral paramedian osteotomy
    ·    bilateral lateral osteotomy  
    ·    bilateral transverse osteotomy
For further information please download our product sheet for the osteotomy model.
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