1997, Beginning of an interdisciplinary collaborative research project between the ENT, Neurosurgery and Oral- Maxillofacial Surgery departments of the University Hospital and the Technical Institute of the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena with the subject: "Reconstruction of hard tissue defects of the face and skull using computer-generated fitting implants BIOVERIT® and Titan"

2000, June: End of the research project and establishment of the company 3di GmbH

2000, December: First Price at the 3rd Thuringian business plan competition, profit of the 1st Thuringian ideas Oscars

2001, April: Start-Up- competition national

2001, May: Founder Champion 2001 and Finalist Entrepreneur Award for medium-sized businesses 

2001, October: Nominated for German Future Prize

2002, Market integration of the middle ear implants, temporal bone models, skull models and postcranial models
(hard tissue models)

2003, August: Completion of medical surgical planning software

2007, Market integration of further variants of temporal bone models (hard tissue models)

2009, Market integration of the implant material PEEK-OPTIMA® for the production of patient specific skull implants

2011, May: Market integration of Skin Flap Models (soft tissue models)

2011, May: Market integration of Auricle Ear Models (soft tissue models)

2013, April: Cooperation with distribution partner in Colombia

2013, December: Cooperation with distribution partner in Austria

2014, July: Cooperation with distribution partner in Switzerland

2014, May: Creation of new production capacities, expansion of research and development

2015, May: Market integration of Rhinoplasty Models and Lip Models (soft tissue models)

2016, November: Retirement of the middle ear implants

2016, December: Cooperation with distribution partner in France

2017, January: Introduction of a new data transfer portal

2017, February: Cooperation with distribution partner in Spain

2017, October: Market launch of new template materials

2018, April: Market launch of acrylate models

2018, May: Implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO)

2019, April: modern 3D printing center established

2019, September: Expansion of the machine park

2020, June: 20 Years 3di GmbH

2020, December: Relocation to a larger company building


Company Values

The patient always comes first! The observance of surgery dates is our highest priority.
Precise work and detailed arrangements with the doctors are essential for an exact result.
We live our corporate values every day and are proud of our results.

The 3di GmbH consists of a strong team, which is characterized by reliability, professional competence,
closed collaboration and visionary skills.



Certification / Quality

  • Zertifikat 20.02.2022 EN
  • Our corporate strategy makes our customer's satisfaction the main concern of all our entrepreneurial actions. We want to convince you with   quality products. This is why we are also willing to document publicly.

    Since 08/21/2002 we are certified according to EN ISO 13485:2016 + AC:2016 in the fields of development, production and the sale of hard tissue implants.

     A reference to the Medizinprodukterecht-Durchführungsgesetz (MPDG)

    According to the UMDNST (Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System) 3di patient specific skull implants belong to the category of custom devices.

    Our patient specific skull implants meet the requirements of the MDR 2017/745.

    Thanks to modern analysis and simulation procedures based on the method of finite elements, it is possible to simulate, in the preoperative phase, realistic resistance cases for each implant model and material.
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With strong partners to success.


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3di International

Due to our quality, we have not only customers in Germany.
We are currently cooperating with the countries France, Iran, Italy, Colombia, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia and Spain.