CT-Imaging Parameters and Storage Media for Patient Specific Implants and Models

Please take some time in order to study the protocol. The quality of the models or implants made by us depends on the quality of the image data.
Under Downloads you can find further information regarding our CT-scan parameter.

Data Transfer

There are several ways how you can send us your data.
On the one hand via E-Mail towards: 3di GmbH, Löbstedter Str. 41, 07749 Jena, Germany


through a specialized web application, that provides a secure, fast and uncomplicated data exchange.I
nstructions can be found under Downloads.

Possibilities of Consultation

The consultation with the treating surgeon is a crucial point in the course of the implant planning. In order to make this arrangement as
profitable as possible, you have the opportunity to discuss your ideas online as well as by telephone.

Under Downloads you will find our product sheet for an online consultation with further information.



Implant Pass

The implant pass contains important information for the patient and his treating physician. Since October 1st, 2015
Healthcare facilities oblige patients for all active implants as well as for heart valves, non-absorbable vascular prostheses
and supports, joint replacement implants for the hips or knees, vertebral body replacement systems and intervertebral disc prostheses as well
Breast implants to hand over an implant ID card.

The following information must be on the passport:
First and last name of the patient
Manufacturer Name
Type and type of medical device (as well as lot code or serial number, if serial product)
Date of implantation
Name of the implanter and the relevant facility where the implantation was performed

Under Downloads you will find various templates for our implant passports.




Product Documents

Here you will find information about our products, including our brochure and model catalog.

All documents can be found under Downloads.



Media Centre

You will find various information and instructions on our products in our media centre.

All documents can be found under Downloads.